Manos, Espaldas, y Blossoms (on exhibit)

A collaborative art project by poet Juan Delgado and photographer Thomas McGovern, Manos, Espaldas, y Blossoms (2017) features the pickers and packers of the citrus harvested from groves at the California Citrus State Historic Park. The duo’s work is on view in the groves, and in an exhibition featured at the Park’s Visitor Center that traces the journey of the fruit we eat from the field to the packing house–the Corona-College Heights Lemon and Orange Association’s Packing House, to be precise. They highlight the women whose laboring hands have left traces on the fruit and the landscape, and whose backs have carried the weight of industrial agriculture, even as mechanization has automated their jobs. As Delgado puts it in one poem: “When you peel an orange, does the oil of their labor linger in your manos?”

Photo by Thomas McGovern

Also accompanying the exhibition is a handmade chapbook of poetry by Juan Delgado.