Sour Puss – A documentary photography project by artist Kate Alexandrite.

Artist Kate Alexandrite (UCR MFA ’16) staged studio-styled photographic portraits during Sweet N Sour Citrus Tastings on February 26 and March 26, 2017. Of the 89 varieties of citrus in the park, hundreds of brave souls bit into the sourest of them all and showed us their sourest expressions. Why do people close their eyes when tasting? How does fruit make us cringe? What in our nervous systems or taste buds cause these spontaneous reactions, and the laughter of those watching? We have no answers to these questions. We rejoice in our ignorance and close our eyes and laugh out loud at ourselves and our sour pusses. We hope you will too.

Starting on May 6, see Sour Puss at the park Visitor’s Center. If you are a Sour Puss, and had your photo taken at one of these two events, please write to us at to request a digital copy of your photo. Please send a selfie so we can be sure to find the right Sour Puss.