Welcome to Sweet N Sour Citrus

Sweet N Sour explores histories of citrus in the Inland Empire, focused on migrations and immigration . . . of fruit, people, and practices. It centers on the California Citrus State Historic Park, which was established for and by Californians to give us a place to remember and to find ourselves in the groves—either through our history or our presence. Sweet N Sour asks questions like these, and sometimes finds answers:

Who picked and packed, then and now?

What connects the Inland and the British Empires?

Why should the “Riverside Method” be renamed the “Chinese Method”?

When did Eastside and Casa Blanca neighbors hear Spanish as well as Italian, Japanese, and Korean dialects wafting out open windows?

Where do we find African American grove owners and citriculturalists?

How can the scent of orange blossoms summon Afghani memories of home, calamansi tell a story of Filipino cooking, and citron narrate events around the Jewish holiday of Sukkot?

Sweet N Sour is a program in the “Migrations and Immigration” series of the Relevancy and History Project, a partnership between the University of California, Riverside, and the California State Parks. The partnership has grown to include students and faculty from Cal State San Bernardino and Cal State Fullerton; the Studio for Southern California History; and community groups through the I.E.

The project is unfolding and more will be posted to this website in the coming months. In the meantime, please visit the California Citrus State Historic Park, come to upcoming events, and write to us with stories, ideas, and images to share at publichistory@ucr.edu.

Sweet N Sour in the news!

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“CSUSB students and faculty partner with others on local citrus history project.” CSUSB News. https://ucrtoday.ucr.edu/46428

Photo credits:

Above left and right: From Kate Alexandrite, Sour Puss (2017), featuring visitors to the “Sweet N Sour Citrus Tasting and Family Festival,” March 26, 2017, at California Citrus State Historic Park. Courtesy of the artist and the participants.

Above center: From Manos, Espaldas, y Blossoms (2017), a collaborative art project by Juan Delgado and Thomas McGovern. Courtesy of the artists. More of their collaborative artworks can be seen at: juanandtom.com.

Manos, Espaldas, y Blossoms will be on view along park trails and in the Visitor’s Center, with a selection of photographs from Sour Puss, beginning May 6, 2017.